Alexa Skill issue

Since the last update - (when I noticed it) Alexa has been complaining that any hubitat device I tell her to use is not responding. I give the command to Alexa, like "turn off bedroon light" and it happens (hubitat got the command) but then after a short delay she says "bedroom light is not responding". I am speculating the alexa skill must be waiting for a response? It used to work now I am getting these "error" messages from Alexa. Is there also a skill update I need to do on Alexa?


Not sure if it's the same issue but I had similar behavior - I checked the "Respond immediately without waiting for device" in the Echo Skill setup and that fixed it for me.

Where did you see that option? I am not seeing it in Alexa skills. Is this in the Hubitat someplace?

Ah, found it in the Hubitat - Thank you!