Alexa skill controls device but says the device is not responding


I only see this with one device so far.

"I say - Alexa", Turn on light
:: waiting for the light to dim off ::

"Alexa Response.. " - Sorry, this light is not responding.

But the light turns off ?


Heya. I see it quite a lot.

It's apparently something that the guys are aware of, and are working on it. I suspect that Alexa is timing out the query before the hubitat code has had a chance to answer it, so despite the fact that it aborts and says 'we failed', the hub is still processing the command.

I always assumed it was more likely to happen with big environments, but in fairness, despite the fact that I've got ~120 bulbs... I really only expose them to Alexa as a dozen or so groups. Anyway... happens to me on probably 10% of requests.

-- Jules


I had that same error a lot before the last hub update. Since then it’s been a lot (99.999%) reliable and the “not responding” hasn’t been happening.


I've been stable too. Currently on version


The Alexa Skill has certainly improved with the latest HE Hub update. When controlling HE connected devices by voice I now don't receive a verbal "Sorry, X device isn't responding" reply from Alexa.

However, I do still receive the error visually even with the latest HE update installed which suggests that there is still an issue somewhere. In the official Amazon Alexa iOS & Android App all my HE connected devices show a red "Device is unresponsive" label. Clicking the device name to open its controls shows the same error message at the top in a banner for 1-2 seconds. It then disappears and the device status is updated to online.

@ourmessages and @cdallum do you see any errors for your HE connected devices in the Alexa App?

Screenshots here:

I have replicated this issue on many HE Devices Types including:

  • Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)
  • Generic ZigBee RGBW Light
  • Generic Zigbee Outlet
  • Group Bulb Dimmer
  • Virtual Switch

I have other devices in Alexa connected with SmartThings (such as the 3x Lounge Lamp bulbs labeled in the screenshot above), Osram Lightify, Nest, Ring and TP-Link Kasa and none of the devices linked through the these Skills have the error.

@JulesT I suspect you're probably right here. @Collisionc previously Wiresharked the traffic and the findings would suggest some sort of time out issue.



I also seem to be having this issue mainly with child switch devices from devices like Sonoff Dual using the driver @ericm has provided to the community.


I am also in the most current FW and this issue, which occurred on Z wave (non plus) dimmers, seems to have resolved. I don’t recall the last time the verbal error msg was received.


I see Alexa unresponsive errors. They turn up in great swathes, but never hang around for longer than a refresh.

For example... it all looked fine. I refreshed... and got:

At the moment, though, I can instruct the lights with alexa that are apparently 'unresponsive', and they respond without issue, with Alexa saying 'OK'.

All the bulbs there are exported hue groups. They're just put through to Alexa as a single group, and I don't export the actual lights for fear of making things worse. That's 17 rooms worth, and about 110 bulbs behind that.

-- Jules


When opening the Amazon Alexa screen you suggested, I do see some devices as unresponsive. It changes quickly if I go to a screen and back to the device list. Seems to be intermittent but not affecting Echo responses to my voice commands.


I'm having an issue with my Peanut Zigbee Outlets using the Generic Zigbee Outlet Driver. Any work around besides using a virtual device?


It’s pretty much a guarantee I’ll have 5-6 devices at minimum showing “unresponsive” each time I open the Alexa app, and I get a device isn’t responding error often as everyone has previously mentioned. I just rebooted my HE waiting about 5 min and opened the Alexa app and unresponsive errors in the app.


Hi all,

Just to let everyone know I have logged a specific support ticket with the team to highlight this issue.

Best wishes,


Hi all,

I'm a newbie (Iris convert)... but one thing I have noticed with using bulbs (and we all know the OSRAM bulbs aren't the most reliable), with the Generic Zigbee Bulb device driver, I can control them better by adjusting the dimmer level up or down, not setting the dimmer level, and also not turning the light on or off. So, I set up a virtual switch device that triggers a rule to adjust the level to 0 ("Off" or up to 100 (bright). For the echo skill, it will pick up the switch as well as the bulbs. So, If I want to adjust a single bulb, I can say "Alexa, set light 1 to 0" to turn off. Or, I can say Alexa turn off Bulb 1 (or whatever the switch name is), which in turns triggers the rule to adjust the dimmer level to 0.

So, in summary, I added the bulb(s) to HE. They appear as Generic Zigbee devices. I then create a virtual switch to adjust the bulb level. You might have switch for each bulb or a group. Then I set a triggered rule to adjust the bulb level. Then, under Apps, Echo skills - include the switch as a device Alexa can control. You could also, then have other rules or triggers that use the switch to initiate turning off or on the light(s).

Hope this helps. This approach seems to eliminate the "DNR" from Echo.


Thanks for submitting the ticket Mixweaver, please keep us up to date with any resolution!

I am a new Iris convert and have also been experiencing the "unresponsive" message from Alexa after issuing a voice command, although the action do take place. At first I thought the issue was my first zwave hop was through a standard zwave GE switch, since such time i have moved my HE so that the first hop is to a zwave plus GE/Jasco Dimer that I regularly use for alexa control. The "unresponsive" message woes continue and at times there is a good deal of latency before the "unresponsive" message is delivered. I do not recall that the command has ever failed only the response.


IIRC one of the firmware updates released since the creation of this thread was intended to address this issue (which seems to be occurring in the cloud, not due to any specific devices in a user's Z-wave or zigbee mesh). I have found that it occurs less frequently than it used to, though it hasn't been 100% fixed. But when it does happen, I just ignore it. The fact that the light (or whatever) turned on is enough confirmation for me that the command was received :slight_smile:.


For what it's worth I was having the same issue with my Zigbee Peanut plugs. I fixed it accidentally when I was playing around with one of the plugs in the device driver. After I hit the "Configure" button in the device driver, I had zero issues with Alexa claiming it was unresponsive. YMMV.


I'm also experiencing this issue. For me it's only the generic z-wave switches (in my case GE Jasco z-wave and z-wave plus). I had this set-up on an Abode security gateway previously, which Alexa integration, and they worked just fine there.

I'd love to see this fixed....


i just had the same issue pop up. everything was working great. Then this last week it started Saying device not responding and "there are a number of devices that share that name". But there isnt.
In case anyone can give advice. Here is what i have done in the last week.

  • added the Alexa tts with node.js cookie.
  • added a ge/jasco fan switch.


I just started having Alexa / Hubitat issues in the last two days. No device configuration chagnes on my system excluding the last update I installed.

When I ask Alexa to turn on some Virtual switch, it does, immediately. Then Alexa says the Device is not responding, check the power, etc..

I will try and find the problem this weekend, assuming it is still happening.


This has been happening to me for many months. I logged a ticket and @bobbyD advised that it is on their list to investigate. It is not an Amazon Alexa API issue (see my other post comparing the skill with SmartThings for the same Zigbee devices).