Alexa skill controls device but says the device is not responding

IIRC one of the firmware updates released since the creation of this thread was intended to address this issue (which seems to be occurring in the cloud, not due to any specific devices in a user's Z-wave or zigbee mesh). I have found that it occurs less frequently than it used to, though it hasn't been 100% fixed. But when it does happen, I just ignore it. The fact that the light (or whatever) turned on is enough confirmation for me that the command was received :slight_smile:.

For what it's worth I was having the same issue with my Zigbee Peanut plugs. I fixed it accidentally when I was playing around with one of the plugs in the device driver. After I hit the "Configure" button in the device driver, I had zero issues with Alexa claiming it was unresponsive. YMMV.

I'm also experiencing this issue. For me it's only the generic z-wave switches (in my case GE Jasco z-wave and z-wave plus). I had this set-up on an Abode security gateway previously, which Alexa integration, and they worked just fine there.

I'd love to see this fixed....

i just had the same issue pop up. everything was working great. Then this last week it started Saying device not responding and "there are a number of devices that share that name". But there isnt.
In case anyone can give advice. Here is what i have done in the last week.

  • added the Alexa tts with node.js cookie.
  • added a ge/jasco fan switch.

I just started having Alexa / Hubitat issues in the last two days. No device configuration chagnes on my system excluding the last update I installed.

When I ask Alexa to turn on some Virtual switch, it does, immediately. Then Alexa says the Device is not responding, check the power, etc..

I will try and find the problem this weekend, assuming it is still happening.

This has been happening to me for many months. I logged a ticket and @bobbyD advised that it is on their list to investigate. It is not an Amazon Alexa API issue (see my other post comparing the skill with SmartThings for the same Zigbee devices).


SOLVED: I was using Hubitat's Amazon Alexa APP when I should have been using Hubitat's Amazon Alexa SKILL. The App is old. The Skill is the new hotness. When I uninstalled the app and installed the skill and also installed the Hubitat skill in the Alexa App, everything works very smoothly and the "not responding" error message went away. Followed the "Amazon Echo Skill" instructions in the documentation.

I have been using only the Skill, and this behavior comes and goes for me.

I have been able to resolve it by logging into and deleting all devices, then re-discovering them. Usually works for a few days afterwards.

I’ve had this issue since a month or so ago now. Alexa says the device doesn’t respond when in fact it has done what I asked Alexa to do. What I’ve found is that if I go in to the Alexa App and get it to discover new devices (even though it won’t find any new once), it then starts working again. I don’t have to do anything in the Hubitat Amazon Alexa Skill app. However, this only works for a short time, about half a day or a day, and then it goes back to saying that the devices doesn’t respond again. It’s driving my wife bonkers.

@bobbyD - is this the behaviour you have seen as well and are looking at investigating?

This happens occasionally for me - much less than some months ago. Seems it may depend on my internet connection speed as far as I can tell. Fortunately now so infrequent that I just ignore Alexa a feedback when it does happen. Don't think it's a HE specific issue.

I cannot say that I know myself where the issue is. For my part I can only say that it does not appear to be an issue with the Internet connection and that it only affects devices that are controlled through Hubitat. When Alexa says a device is not responding I can ask her to do a discovery and then immediately after that it works again. When I posted above I had done a discovery to get things working again. Alexa has since stopped working so just before I started writing this post I did another discovery and she’s now working again. I have never had any issues with controlling Sonos or Hue through Alexa, just HE devices.

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Hi all,

This is a HE specific issue - I followed up with @bobbyD who confirmed the team are still working on ironing out these Alexa gremlins.



If it helps.. I still get it with Hue devices, but then I DO have a lot of them (3 hubs worth). I've got it rigged so that it's only really asking rooms at a time to turn off, but there are around 25 'rooms', and if you ask for all of them at once, you can pretty much guarantee that Alexa will say that something's not responding.

I don't have any problems with the Hue stuff.... just the switches, shade control etc.....

I have started to have this issue for the last few days / week. It is really frustrating. She does the action but says the device isn't responding.

IF I DELETE THE HE SKILL, (not the devices) and re-enable the skill, she activates the devices and says "OK". The only things i've added is the TTS driver in the last week so i've disabled that. This has been happening every second day or so.

Was this ever followed up @bobbyD ?

Happened again 12hrs later.
Alexa control single device "is not responding"
Alexa control group of devices "is not responding"
Alexa control virtual switch "is not responding"
Each time the action is performed, she just doesn't get the feedback. I tried this on echos that I have listed as TTS and another I dont have listed for TTS (but TTS is currently disabled for testing thing issue).

Ive deleted TTS, Deleted the Alexa skill and deleted device watchdog - the only apps that ive installed recently. All the apps and drivers for them as well then rebooted my hub. Re-installed the alexa HE skill and then the alexa HE skill on the amazon side. See how long this lasts.

Also ping @ogiewon and @mike.maxwell / @bobbyD RE my error logs below.

Here are my error logs:
app:1942019-07-06 07:06:18.656 am errorError making Call to Alexa message gateway: {"header":{"namespace":"System","name":"Exception","messageId":"ASRLS_59491c2e-3a50-4914-8a4b-be16ef6f40cc_1562360778506.0..ASRLS_59491c2e-3a50-4914-8a4b-be16ef6f40cc_1562360778506"},"payload":{"code":"INTERNAL_SERVICE_EXCEPTION","description":"Unsealing correlation token failed for client side issue"}}

dev:462019-07-06 07:06:18.532 am infoyeebulb2 was turned off

dev:462019-07-06 07:06:18.529 am debugswitchEvents value: off

dev:412019-07-06 07:06:18.295 am warnskipped:[id:3, result:[ok]]

dev:472019-07-06 07:06:18.235 am warnskipped:[id:3, result:[ok]]

dev:462019-07-06 07:06:18.204 am warnskipped:[id:3, result:[ok]]

dev:492019-07-06 07:06:18.137 am infohallway lights switch was set to off

dev:412019-07-06 07:06:01.400 am infoyeebulb3 was turned on

dev:412019-07-06 07:06:01.397 am debugswitchEvents value: on

dev:472019-07-06 07:06:00.794 am infoyeebulb1 was turned on

dev:472019-07-06 07:06:00.791 am debugswitchEvents value: on

app:1942019-07-06 07:06:00.670 am errorError making Call to Alexa message gateway: {"header":{"namespace":"System","name":"Exception","messageId":"ASRLS_9639f02f-4de4-4c52-b225-e522510a0b01_1562360760520.0..ASRLS_9639f02f-4de4-4c52-b225-e522510a0b01_1562360760520"},"payload":{"code":"INTERNAL_SERVICE_EXCEPTION","description":"Unsealing correlation token failed for client side issue"}}

dev:462019-07-06 07:06:00.584 am infoyeebulb2 was turned on

dev:412019-07-06 07:06:00.580 am warnskipped:[id:1, result:[ok]]

dev:462019-07-06 07:06:00.575 am debugswitchEvents value: on

dev:472019-07-06 07:06:00.557 am warnskipped:[id:1, result:[ok]]

dev:462019-07-06 07:06:00.141 am warnskipped:[id:1, result:[ok]]

dev:492019-07-06 07:06:00.091 am infohallway lights switch was set to on

app:1942019-07-06 07:05:43.708 am errorError making Call to Alexa message gateway: {"header":{"namespace":"System","name":"Exception","messageId":"ASRLS_34eada80-e56b-4de3-94c4-ffa8533e95d8_1562360743550.0..ASRLS_34eada80-e56b-4de3-94c4-ffa8533e95d8_1562360743550"},"payload":{"code":"INTERNAL_SERVICE_EXCEPTION","description":"Unsealing correlation token failed for client side issue"}}

dev:822019-07-06 07:05:43.132 am infoextra light was turned off

app:1942019-07-06 07:05:27.942 am errorError making Call to Alexa message gateway: {"header":{"namespace":"System","name":"Exception","messageId":"ASRLS_8e5cb270-d5bd-4709-aae0-554eda1914fa_1562360727784.0..ASRLS_8e5cb270-d5bd-4709-aae0-554eda1914fa_1562360727784"},"payload":{"code":"INTERNAL_SERVICE_EXCEPTION","description":"Unsealing correlation token failed for client side issue"}}

Removed TTS and the added devices
Removed the Alexa Skill HE
Removed Watchdog app
Removed Alexa skill iOS - deleted all associated devices.
Installed 2.1.2 hub update & restarted hub

Added Alexa skill HE,
Added alexa skill iOS - discovered devices.
36hrs so far and alexa is getting replies from the devices and hasn't lost her way yet.

I’ve been having this issue as well for over a month now. Hubitat worked great for a long time, never a single problem, until Ima recent firmware upgrade. It looks to me like hubitat isn’t updating Alexa on the status once it’s changed.

Pretty disappointed to see it’s been about 7 months since people started having this issue and there’s no solution in sight. Kinda turning me off of hubitat.

I can say since i've done the above from my post, she has been onpoint and not lost a device handshake since.

I have always had this issue off and on. I did try the steps above in the post, however mine still says not responding even though the action is taken.

Hang in there folks! The Hubitat team mentioned updates are coming for the Alexa Skill during the last Hubitat Live session. Hopefully these changes will improve the overall experience.