Alexa Serena shade control via Hubitat

Hi another Newbee moving away from Wink (like many others). Hubitat looks like the obvious choice but I can't find the answer to the following question. Can I control my Serena shades (open/close/percentage) via Alexa connecting Alexa using the Hubitat skill? Also can they be part of an Alexa routine?

I understand I need the Lutron pro bridge which I already have so I know Hubitat will work with Lutron no problem it's the link to Alexa I am struggling to understand.

Thanks for the help.

The lutron hub will directly work with Alexa (no hub required).

I believe (but could be wrong) that the Hubitat skill doesn't share blinds to Alexa (but again, since the Lutron bridge does it's no big loss)

FYI: the Lutron bridge integration in hubitat is really strong -- it's not quite as automatic as Wink (requires a little text editing) but it works really well...

Thank you for the answer. Sounds like everything should work out without too much trouble.

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