Alexa Phone App is getting Geofencing - Another Mobile Presence Option for Hubitat?


No you dont....but it looks like you arent using the correct driver. That appears to be the built in Virtual Presence driver which wont work with Alexa. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the driver list and you should see the Virtual Presence with Switch driver that you installed.


Correct. That driver shown will not appear in Alexa.


That was it



I’ve been using the Garmin Speak for a while now. It has some quirks but works rather well.

Now that I have Alexa at home and in the car I find myself wanting to ask for info everywhere. :crazy_face:


I have not been glued to the product page on Amazon for the Echo Auto, but looking today, I feel like I am seeing new information.


To me, the part about '...all invite requests will be honored.' feels new. I do not recall seeing that in the past. So now I guess we just hope they get started soon.


I have not received an invitation yet, but it appears some were shipped in the middle of December.


Alexa Geofencing really is not working for me well. So far the least reliable method. One day it works, the other just does not...


Same here. As of last week, it's at the bottom of my list. Every time they update the app (which has been fairly regularly) I hope it gets better. It appears to be good and then fails. This has been the least consistent geofence I've tried so far. I'll probably remove it altogether and try again in a few weeks.

The Alexa app has been buggy in general these days.


Yeah... I tried the Alexa geofencing on 4 different Android phones - all different makes/models. And it was VERY unreliable. So I took it off.


And right on queue....I just opened the app to remove the presence routine and got this.

Everything else opens fine. Amazon, you were once so rock solid for me. Me thinks, you are trying to do too much too fast.



Now... Where is that upcoming Hubitat android app at??? :slight_smile:


Shhh... not so loud. You might scare it away.

here boy. It's safe to come out now.