Alexa Phone App is getting Geofencing - Another Mobile Presence Option for Hubitat?


I've never figured out a way to get the alexa app on my kid's phone without giving them full amazon accounts. Right now they are "child" accounts on my account.

I don't think you can setup alexa on a phone with only a child's account though?

If so, then this isn't really a presence solution for family use... Just adults, which does me no good.


No you can. Create and Amazon account with no credit card. It must not be a child account though. If you create a child account, they cannot use Alexa due to the US Child Protection act that does not allow the collection of information from children under the age of 13.


Interesting. I've never tried that - I'll look into it!


Did it for my son so he could have Alexa on his Fire HD 8 tablet. Works perfectly.


Very nice, this worked perfectly.
More geofencing options are always a good thing. Thanks Dan


Glad it is working for you. When I stop to think about it, there are quite a few methods of getting presence data into Hubitat...

For example...

  1. Life360 (only officially supported method, IIRC)
  2. IFTTT Geofence Trigger (using my or Andy's Virtual Presence Driver with Switch Capability)
  3. Locative - iOS (using Hubitat Maker API with Hubitat Official Virtual Presence)
  4. Tasker - Android (using Hubitat Maker API with Hubitat Official Virtual Presence)
  5. Homekit via Homebridge (I think some users have this working.)
  6. SmartThings Presence (various techniques) - Using Hub Link or similar
  7. SmartThings Zigbee Presence Sensors
  8. AsusWRT WiFi Presence
  9. webCoRE Presence
  10. Amazon Alexa Geofencing (using mine or Andy's Virtual Presence Driver with Switch Capability)
  11. Simplex Locate (@jeubanks)
  12. ???

I am guessing I missed one or two... :slight_smile:

No dedicated app for hubitat, an issue?

I setup two Alexa routines (one for arrive, one for leave) on each of my family member's phones this afternoon. So far I'm impressed.

The detection at the boundary seemed very quick. Very handy since support still hasn't figured out why my Life360 won't get an Oauth token and save it correctly.


@ogiewon, @SmartHomePrimer
I'm trying to add geofencing to my wife's phone but she doesn't have access to my integrated when I create the routine, I cant trigger the virtual presence switch. What am I missing here? I cant find any options to view all my controllable devices.


I’ve not tried to use multiple users with Alexa.


Sorry Steph, have not tried this either. I don't even have my wife on a household profile. We just use mine and we screw up one another's music! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On my wife's phone I log into Alexa with my wife's Amazon account, and then log into the Hubitat SKILL in the Alexa app with my hubitat account... Then she has access to all the same home automation items I do.


I NEVER would have thought to do that. I always assumed that the skills were attached to the account rather than a particular device.

It worked perfectly. Thank you @JasonJoel !!


Been trying this out for a few days. Battery drain isn't bad. But I feel the geofence is way to large. It encompasses the entire block and can't be made small enough. Locative's geofence get's right down to my roof top, I like that much better.


Everyone's use is different. I intentionally set my location band large (2000ft) to give it more time to register in HE and turn off my alarm, turn on lights, etc.

And so automations don't kick off if I'm just taking a walk around the neighborhood...


Ok, kind of new to this but what can I be doing wrong. Added ogiewon's virtual presence switch as a driver in HE, Then went in and added a virtual device and used tha new driver. All good. Added a Rule for the device so that when you click on arrive in the device it turns on a light. Modified the Alexa Echo Slill app to include the new Virtual presence device. I then go to Alexa and the new device never shows up. Am I doing everything right?


Did you add the new switch as an authorized device to the Amazon Echo Skill app in Hubitat?


If you mean did I go into the apps section of HE, click on Amazon Echo Skill, click in the box of all my devices and then click the box next to the new virtual switch I set up. Yes I did. I also failed to mention above that I did select Discover devices once in Alexa


Hmmm. That sounds right to me, then. Only thing I did different was use Cobra's Virtual Presence Plus driver, but that shouldn't make any difference for this use.


Do I need to give it a Zigbee ID