Alexa not getting a response from a functioning device

HE V2.2.0.110

Recently (last two firmware revisions, maybe three) We've found Alexa will successfully operate a device/dimmer, however after successfully turning the light on, she will report a lack of response from the device.

This has happened with several different devices.

To fix:
I will open the Alexa app, remove the device not responding close the app, reopen and readd the device. Alexa will now receive responses.

The only related log I can find is:

Is this a known issue? I guess I could have set it up wrong but its pretty cut and dry.


I've never had good luck with alexa. She hates me.


Of course she hates you.. You locked her up in a big wooden box :wink:


that looks like a token error. I think it's a known issue. What app are you using to integrate alexa?

She hates my wife as well :slight_smile:

I'm using Amazon Echo Skill. If I recall the Amazon Echo App was the older, obsolete version.

I'd be embarrassed if I have it backwards.

That's a token error. I've only seen that when the account won't cyber. I think it's a known error.