Alexa loosing internet connection recently

I ask here because I know there are a lot of very capable folks using Alexa.

Recently (last week or two) Alexa has lost internet 4 or 5 times. Previous to this the connection rarely failed.
My router has been up for 19 days (usually longer but we lost power for a bit). My cell phone receives 150mbs from Ookla when sitting right next to Alexa.

Has anyone else experienced such a loss?


Yup.. happens to me as well. Just randomly on random devices.

I just pull the plug and reboot it and everything is fine, but its still anoying when she starts to go into the long speach about not having connectivity.

I was starting to think it was my Eero's causing some kind of problem but who knows.

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I've had similar issues. However in my case I believe it was an access point issue.

if you had power issues, then it could be the Alexa. unplug it and plug it back in. i had a few flex devices not show connected until i did this after a power blip


Could be but nothing else we have seemed to be effected. And of course the universal repair for any smart thing is to remove power.

You could be losing internet without realizing. You could set up hubitat ping for a while to ping lets say and then notify you if it's not reachable. This can be used as a diagnostic to see if it's just with alexa or happening at the router/ap/modem level

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