Alexa Logging

Is there a way to find out what devices where acted on by Alexa - ST has a log, but I can't seem to find out a log of commands sent by Alexa anywhere.

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I usually have three screens open.

  1. Alexa command history, which should update real-time (for a short while before you have to refresh the page to get it updating real-time again):

h t t p s://

  1. The Hubitat log (initially filtered to all, also updates real-time):

h t t p://

  1. The device page in Hubitat (updates real-time):

h t t p://

Then I can see what Alexa actually heard, what the Hubitat logs show, and what the device actually did (which the logs already show, so that third page is kind of redundant, but it's a good place to keep an eye on what the device's current state is).

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When I go into the live logs or past logs I see Hubitat is not logging any event when I tell Alexa to turn my Hue bulbs on or off. In the Hubitat device for the bulbs I have "Enable Description Text Logging" turned on.

If I turn the Hue bulbs on or off from a switch, which is not physically connected to the bulbs and only controls them via Hubitat Button Controllers rules, then they do get logged.

BTW, when I tell Alexa to turn off my other devices I see they do get logged.

Any idea why no log is created when I used Alexa to turn them on or off and how to fix that?



Guessing it depends on the path taken, i.e:

Alexa -> Hub -> Device = Logged
Alexa -> Device (or external controller for device) = Not Logged


Makes sense. I went into the Alexa app and removed the 2 bulbs. I then made sure it was in the Alexa Echo skill in Hubitat and turned off switch that said to ignore Hue lights. When I went to add it back into Alexa I purposely didn't pick a brand. It connected one via Signify Netherlands B.V. and the other via Hubitat. I'm not sure why, but the one I really care about to coordinate with a a switch is the one that came in through HE, so I'm good for now.

Is that hit or miss?

Do I need the Hue integration?
Should I keep the Hue integration?