Alexa is finishing requests for lights on/off with different sound

Let's go by topics to make it easier to understand:

  • The hub in question is a C-7 hub (firmware
  • I noticed that for some time now, all my Echo devices are finishing a request with a different "completion" sound
  • It began with different sound played only when I asked to turn a light on/off
  • For other devices, like switches, blinds or a/c units, the usual sound was played
  • I noticed today that other devices like switches began to play the same sound
  • All my Echos are configured to do not play sound at the beginning or end of requests´
  • Primarily I thought that it could be a configuration glitch
  • I removed all my devices from the Amazon Echo Skill and reinstalled them - same thing
  • I haven't touched any Echo configuration

Since I can't upload here the sound recording (m4a), I uploaded it to my Google Drive and here is the link to access it, if anyone gets curious.

It's true that this is not the end of the world, but it's a little bit annoying having different sounds.

Any clues of why is it going on?

Thanks in advance!

I have noticed some of my Lights on/off finishing sounds are different from others, no clue as to what is going on

Will be following

Probably a firmware update, since the issue is happening with you too.

I tried to check any information about the current fw version at one of my decices (Echo Plus 2nd gen - fw 8289068676) but I got no results.

As I said, no big deal, but since ot has two different sounds it’s a little bit annoying.

Let’s see.

Thanks for the post!

"By the way, I can tell you ways to make me more annoying"


I hope Alexa continues to be a very nice and easygoing girl ... :joy:


I'm still getting the original sound on my Echoes.

I would assume that Amazon is changing something on their end. You can't affect it configuration-wise on Hubitat, and I don't believe it is something Hubitat can controll in the Hubitat skill.

I would guess this is possibly a test rollout of the new sound such that it only appears on some devices and not all. You might want to say "Alexa I have feedback" and report that you don't like the new sound. (or maybe you can do it in the Alexa app).

POTM :wink: Apparently more words are required because potm isn't a complete sentence.

I'm noticing the same thing. It's happening at home and with the Alexa assistant in the car. It seems to have started yesterday. I think there's a team at Amazon titled "Customer Abrasion." They're good at what they do.