Alexa Interface

Trying to understand something here.

I have the Amazon Echo Skill set up on my phone with a number or routines. Some that are executed via voice from Echo to HE. Some from HE to Echo. They have all been working fine for some time.

Yesterday I installed the Echo app on my wife's phone and linked the HE skill to it also. There were no routines on her phone as of yet.

But then the routines on my phone quit working. The ones from Echo to HE work fine but anything from HE to echo don't execute. I can see the contacts from HE changing in the Echo app but the routine doesn't execute. I can execute the routine manually in the Echo app and all is ok.

I disabled the HE skill in my wife's phone. Then in my phone I disabled the skill and then re-enabled it and things started working again.

So I'm trying to understand what is going on here and how to fix it. Do I need to put all the same routines in my wife's phone? Looking for any suggestions.

I had this when i added it to my phone too. My echo auto quit working. You added it to the same account, yes? I rebooted my phones and echo auto then everything populated and started working. I did notice that if you want a routine to run from presence, you need to do it from the device that is representing that presence. But you should see all of the routines in both. Come to think of it, I went into the echo skill and also hit done again. I can't say if that fixed it because it wasn't working on my phone on the way to work and started working correctly on my way home. Consciously only doing a reboot on the phone was my only noticeable act during that time. Hope this helps.

I used my wife's Amazon or Echo account on her phone. I guess I should try logging her in on my account and see what happens.

I have 2 echo autos and they are both flaky. Even tho the phone says they are connected to the blue tooth the echo auto says it's not connected. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Certainly not reliable.

When I installed it on my husband's phone, it asked if it was me or another family member. I installed him on my account. Otherwise you'd need to link a separate account in HE. Seems like more work. So all of my echo products are connected with one account, and they're pretty stable. EVen my auto.

I've noticed that I got errors when I allowed it to connect for phone calls. After I turned that off and use the car for phone calls, it started working in harmony with everything else. But my media runs through the echo. You can change that in the settings under bluetooth. (you already know that, but i thought I'd add it in case someone new to the product is researching it.)

I'll put my wife's phone on my account and see what happens.

I was using the Auto for any media or phone. Had that turned off. I don't know if the connection issue is with my phone or what. It's not a big deal as don't use it much.

Appreciate the help.

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