Alexa geofencing doesn't work anymore

This is not a Hubitat problem, but I think this is the right community to problem-solve it. I've been using Alexa geofencing as part of my presence system for over 2 years. I have 2 alexa routines: one for departure and one for arrival. They trigger a virtual switch in Hubitat, which I use as one input to Combined Presence.

My problem is, I upgraded to an iPhone 13 Pro recently, and the routines just don't fire anymore. The virtual switch is still functional, but the routines never fire. I've tried:

  • Deleting and re-making the routines
  • Double-checking that the Alexa app is "always" allowed to use gps
  • Uninstalling the Alexa app from my phone, and reinstalling it. Going through all the initial setup, and then recreating the routines.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it maybe something about the 13 Pro?

iphones get put into sleep mode and id say thats where your problem will be
life360 works as well as webcore

I'm not sure that's the issue. It worked with multiple previous iPhones, and stopped working on the day I switched to the 13 Pro.

I use the Alexa geofencing as well and it is still working for me. I wrote my own multi presence rule in RM, and the Alexa integration is my main device I depend on, as it is very accurate and reliable. A little less so now. I have noticed since updating to IOS 15 it is slower to react than it use to be. It was probably 99.5% accurate before the update, with only an occasional missed presence event. Now it is probably at 90%, as I have had a few of my backup presence sensors have to update because Alexa did not. All in all though it is still working pretty well.

IOS 15.2 out now maybe that will help...

Same iOS problem with Alexa geofencing not triggering. I went from the iPhone XS to iPhone 13 Pro and honestly both have the problem starting about 3 months ago. I find the application often crashes the first open; and if the application is not open in the background is less than 50% reliable on exit/entry. I do know this worked pre-iOS 15 but do not have an exact point in time it became so unreliable. This is on two different devices.

There is an Apple discussion thread on the topic and does indicate a lot around iOS15 as the starting point of the issue.

Ah, that would make sense. That it wasn't the new phone, but that Amazon hasn't updated their app to work right in iOS 15, which just happened to be on my new phone. Thanks for the link to the thread!

The Alexa Geo-Fencing has stopped for me completely now. It was hit or miss for awhile maybe 80% of the time but now it is pretty much 0%.

Went through all the setting and it just doesn't work. I started using the combined presence app a few weeks ago and between Wifi presence and the HE app presence it's been working probably 90% of the time. I had an Alexa location routine firing when I got to work that has all but quit in the last few weeks. I just bought some NFC tags and I now using that to fire my work location routines.

Arriving home is never an issue because the WIFI presence is always spot on. Leaving can be an issue since you can't depend on the HE app or Alexa to know when I have left. I am playing with a NFC tag in my car that I hope can take care of some of that.

So I got my NFC tags and setup a tag in my truck and at my office and had a pretty good setup for using them to detect when I was leaving and arriving at work. Just this week I finally got it all sorted out and working like I wanted. This morning there was a Alexa app update and now my Alexa arrival and departure routines worked perfectly when I came to work this morning. :neutral_face: