Alexa Fans app for Hubitat

I have had quite a few issues with Hubitat and my GE/Jasco Z-wave plus Fan Controllers timing out with alexa and alexa not being able to handle setting to medium via the word "medium" so I have created an app that wraps the fan controller with a Virtual dimmer switch and propagates the events the the physical fan. It works quite well and wanted to share it. It also creates a Virtual switch named "[fan name] Medium" so alexa can handle the medium setting.

I have only tested this on my fan type but I did put in a setting for supporting 5 speeds instead of the 3 mine has.

Anyways click the link to get to the Github repository for the app.

Alexa Fans app for Hubitat

Hope it helps.

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Updated it with a newer version flushing out a few bugs with it. Seams rock solid now.

I have a bunch of these so I'll check it out.

BTW, I use an Alexa Routine to set Fans to Medium.

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Have you tried this for an Alexa Routine:

Alexa, set the family room fan to medium

Family Room Fan, 50%

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I did try that a while ago and it didn't work. I'll try it again thanks. This still resolves the "device is not responding" issue.

Using the "Generic Z-Wave Dimmer" driver should resolve the "device is not responding" Alexa issue. Using this driver, along with Alexa Routines, should be a very simple workaround.

I updated this and now it works with both
GE Smart Fan Control and
Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller

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