Alexa down again guys/gals too. ????

Sorry, Iā€™m having trouble understanding right now. Please try a little later.



Blue light special now

I would not want to be the person who is tasked with this.


Same here

Sat at table.for dinner and tried.the. normal Alexa turn on space heater.. (doggy door is right behind my chair currently is7 degrees here)

Same here

My wife started playing music in the kitchen and it started paying on every Alexa device in the house and I couldn't make it stop. I tried about every device in the house and telling any of them to stop playing made no difference. It also was not listed in the Alexa app as playing so I couldn't stop it there either. It finally stopped after about 5 mins, I was about to start walking around the house and unplugging devices.

Other than that they seem to be working.

[edit]I may have spoken to soon. I just tried to use the one here in my office and it just says sorry something went wrong.


I just saw errors for Echo Speaks about 10 minutes ago

Same here. Just curious, do 'Echo Speaks' notifications still work when Alexa is down?

The office is closed for the weekend.

everybody went to bed, we turned off lights to put kids to sleep. Elder daughter says "alexa turn off the lights", and every alexa in the house shouts the error message, also waking up my younger daughter in another room :frowning:

FWIW, Alexa is back up again here. But painfully slow. 2-5 minutes between command and response.