Alexa compatible command to pause a motion lighting app

I'd like to be able to pause and unpause my motion lighting apps using Alexa. For example if people are hanging out in a room for awhile I want to be able to say "Alexa pause dining room motion lights". Unfortunately I can't figure out a way to control the pause/unpause state of a motion lighting app. It seems the only way that function is exposed is through the pause/unpause button in the app settings. Is this possible? If not could a "control app" action be added to rule machine to control things like pause/unpause on particular apps?

I know rule machine can do this for another rule machine app, does it not expose the motion lighting apps to allow you to pause them?

If it does I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

I just checked. In RM when you pause it will only pause another RM rule. The Motion Lighting apps are not listed in the drop-down selection box. I guess we have to look for another way. One way would be to perform your motion lighting automations using Rule Machine . . .

You could create a virtual switch and use that for one or both of the "switch to disable..." options.