Alexa communication with Echo Dot Outside USA

Hello... I went thru some topics looking for communication Hubitat/Echo Dot. I found this fragment posted on 2018 "Alexa on the other hand is supported by Hubitat, but only if you're in the US for now. They are waiting for the Hubitat Skill (which is like an app for Alexa) to be approved for countries outside the US." I live in Panama and have able to link to Amazon Echo Skill but my Echo/Dot is not showing as an option. Is there any recent change or is it a configuration error from my part? Thank you

I use it in Northern Mexico but I'm also on a VPN that makes it look like I'm in the USA. That said Alexa knows where I am as I set the correct location so I could get weather updates from it. I'd think if you can get the Dot setup to where it knows where you are you'd be fine.

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I will try that thank you. Is it possible for the Alexa Skill to be able to control routines and devices with Hubitat but don't show echo dot? It does not make sense

i dont know if you can still get but what about the older amazon echo app.. that is what i am still using..

I have my Alexa devices and my C7 doing various things together with no issues.

Can you share with me the process? Maybe I am doing something wrong. I ran the Echo Amazon Skill App on HE and habilitated Hubitat Skill on Amazon Alexa app. All of this is working ok. But my Echo speakers don't show up as an option

Thank you

skill app has nothing to do with speakers.. that is for alexa to control varous devices via speech..

for speakers you need eitherm echo speaks or the older alexa tts manager which i use.. they both are complicated to setup and automatically renew the cookie as you need to have it pull in you web cookie for alexa.

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Thank you for the information. I'm new to HE so will research on that and figure out how to make it work. If you can share a link or guide on how to do it that will definitely speed up the process.

Echo speaks can be installed via HPM, but setting up the server is the tricky part. You can pay a fee and use the Heroku service, or use a always on computer/RPi to run it locally. You can do some speech stuff without using echo speaks or the other app mentioned using HE in conjunction with Alexa routines. Perhaps an example of what you want to do, and someone can chime in with a solution.

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