Alexa Command to Close Garage

I am new to HE and I am really enjoying it. I migrated my Z-Wave devices from Nexia. With Nexia I was able to create a rule that would allow Alexa to close my Garage Door if the Garage Door was open by saying "Alexa close Garage". Can someone please tell me how to set this up with HE? I have a Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Control connected to the HE. Thank you for your time and assistance in advance in helping me.

see this post...

Alexa Commands

I am using a Z-wave device called "Remotec ZFM-80" Once I got HE to recognize it, I had Alexa discover new devices. After that I created a routine. It was very important that I had the routine turn the device off and then back on..

The routine looks something like this (note - GD is my device name):

When you say "Alexa, garage door"
Alexa will:

  • GD: Turn Off
  • GD: Turn On
  • Wait 1 minute

I don't know why it doesn't work (for me) if I leave out the last line, but it doesn't.

Hope this helps.