Alexa chime controlled by hubitat?

Evening, I've tried to get notifications to play over sonos then continue to play what was playing or not if nothing was playing however I'm failing miserably. see below for what ive tried

IF (Alert - Driveway Entrance(off) is on(F) AND
Outside Motion sensors(on) is on(T) [FALSE]) THEN
Notify Rob's iPhone and Speak on Front Room Google Mini(volume: 50), Kitchen Sonos, Bedroom Sonos (volume: 40): 'Driveway Motion'
resumeTrack() on Kitchen Sonos, Bedroom Sonos
Off: Alert - Driveway Entrance --> delayed: 0:03:00(cancelable)

I'm now thinking of having a dedicated device such as the Alexa chime for notifications, i was wondering if this can be controlled by hubitat at all?

I don't see it listed on the compatible devices list, so no comment there. I use Google Minis for this purpose. Used in good condition can be found for $30 or so.

EDIT: @moh 's method of using a virtual switch to trigger an alexa routine is probably the best place to start. :point_down:

Not sure of your exact use case but I have been using the Hubitat Amazon Echo Skill to integrate my Hubitat to make announcements over my Alexa devices. You can make announcements either using virtual switches to trigger Alexa Routines, or (with a little more work involving a local server, or a subscription to Heroku) via the Echo Speaks community app.
The only potential downside of using the Amazon Echo Skill is that it will have to utilize the Amazon cloud rather than staying 100% local (if that is an issue for you).


the amazon echo skill that is built in? if say something is playing on the sonos and alexa announces something does it resume playing the track on the sonos? that might be the work around instead of rule machine if so

This might be the way to go tbh as the google mini i have set up works everytime was just trying to use devices that were already on and using power instead of adding to it so to speak

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Yes, it is one of the Hubitat’s native apps.

I honestly don’t know as I do not have any experience with Sonos speakers as I have everything audio that is Hubitat related going through my Echo devices.

I also don’t have experience with the Google devices, but those who have experience may wish to chime in. Since you are already familiar with the Googe devices, you may want to see if expanding your system is the way to go. I think there are a number of threads discussing Google vs Amazon devices (re: pro and cons related to Hubitat integration). Good luck to you and let us know how it all turns out :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I should also mention that the Hubitat native Amazon Echo Skill makes your Hubitat devices appear as devices on your Alexa. There is also a skill on the Alexa end known as the “Hubitat Skill” that allows you to control your Hubitat devices via Alexa voice commands and Alexa Routines. Hope this helps.

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