Alexa built into my New Truck (F-150)

So with my hub and current setup I'm using only Google Home with My hubitat.

Im assuming I can integrate Alexa into my hub but can it work with my New truck or should I even bother? My phone does automatically connect to the truck giving me a google home in the truck as well. Is there anything worth doing with this?

This is more of a I don't know what/ or if I can do anything with this or not. The truck has its own 4G Sim built into it.

I have Alexa in a 2022 Lexus. I use it to adjust the heat and the AC in the house when I'm getting close to home and to open the garage door when I'm pulling into the driveway. I also use it to control Amazon music. Other than that I haven't found a lot of uses for it.

I think you may be confusing this with Android Auto which gives you the ability to use the Google Assistant to control Google Home devices.


yeah thats what I meant. Can still use the assistant in the truck with Android Auto.

If you don't already use Alexa as a go-to voice assistant, you're probably not missing out on much, assuming your phone is with you and connected to Android Auto whenever you're in the car.

Is there anything specific you're unable to do with the Google Assistant?

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