Alexa App, Device Spelling Tip

Hi Folks,

Just a tip for those of you who are naming devices and use Alexa...I had a device that I couldn't figure out why Alexa would always give me errors and refused to control it by voice (I could control it with the Echo touchscreen). It was called Garage MiniSplit. What confused me more is I had another device called Living Room Minisplit and Alexa controlled it perfectly. Did anyone see the difference in the two? Well, neither did I for a long time. Believe this, the capitol "S" in the "Garage MiniSplit" was the issue all along. I change it to "Garage Minisplit" and voila! Works perfect now. Just thought I'd share :smiley:


i would also note dont name a device the same name as a alexa group other wise youll find her turning the group on or off and not the device

I'll warn as well to avoid using punctuation in Device names (I believe Hubitat proactively disallows most puncuation, but my old controller did not), since they don't translate well over on the Alexa/Echo side.

Specifically, I used to name all my Virtual Switches things like, "VS: Bathroom Light", and the only way to make Alexa accept those was to manually assign the name "VS Bathroom Light" (sans colon) in the Vera-Alexa interface. Thank goodness users are given that chance, to rename devices so that they can be disambiguated in the Smart Home lineup.

Also makes users hyper-aware re: lazily naming devices / scenes / groups / virtual switches / Alexa-enabled WiFi products something generic like "Living Room" (guilty as charged). :smiley: