Alexa and hubitat AC manage

Hi all,

So ive created a Virtual Switch to be turned ON when my room temperature reaches 27°C, and i have a routine on alexa that when that switch is ON to turn on my room AC...

but i am stuck if i go to my room and turn it OFF or change the temperature, i will like that Virtual switch to go OFF in case a leave and turn off the AC and room gets heated up again...

Also that when it reaches i dont know for example 24°C to turn off the AC and the switch...

Any suggestions?

A couple of suggestions for your second question....

Try changing the Trigger Event to be that the temperature changes, rather than reporting above 27. Then add an ELSE-IF Action at the end of your current list of Actions, reading something like:

ELSE-IF (Temperature of Indoor temperature is <= 24 AND
V. Master Temperature is on) THEN
Off: V.Master Temperature

nice, i just changed it...


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With a changed trigger, the rule will be running very often. If you want to reduce the number of times it runs, you could also do this:

The end result should be the same.


Good point about the number of times the rule would trigger, I hadn't considered that... and nice use of the wait action.

And to answer @floresleal 's original question, if you make that wait cancellable, you could setup a second rule to cancel this one if the virtual switch is turned off.

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Good point! You could also make it a conditional instead of a wait event and add a « wait for the Virtual Switch is turned off » condition:

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thanks guys for the great input on this! i love how everything can be solved with hubitat...

I just have one doubt, i added my omni virtual sensor... but cant find any data on how to use it or to make it work with the suggested rule

My apologies - I should have been clearer. I used the Omni sensor to build a sample rule. In your case, you can replace where it says “Omni sensor” in my sample rule with your “Indoor temperature” sensor.

Makes sense?

great thanks alot! ill give it a try!

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i have updated the rule, click on run rule and it doenst turn on the switch...

its wierd


Odd indeed! I wonder if maybe the Wait event is processed too quickly, and before the On condition has been reached… Try adding a 1 second wait time before the wait condition to see if it makes a difference.

i just noticed the trigger device was like frozen since two days ago, since then it hasnt updated the temperature... i just remove it and add it again and it did turned on the ac.

whats its strange is that the switch was turned off imediately... dont know why.

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That shouldn’t happen very often, but can on occasion. So does it work now?

it seems to be working, but still dont know why the switch immediately goes off, so when reaching the desired temp it keeps going without turning the AC off

Have you tried turning on logging in the rule to see what happens? You can post a screenshot of the result in case there is something we can see that can help us help you…

hi, yeah i have it on. how can i see those reports?

Have you looked at Advanced vThermostat Manager by @nclark ?

no. let me take a look at it

You can see the logs on the « Logs » tab on the bottom of the dark gray tab on the left of the Hubitat screen. It allows you to see the current and the past logs. You can filter by device or app on the top of the log.