Alexa Again!

Is anyone else having issues with Hubitat and Alexa?

All my devices are working in Hubitat, but not on Alexa - again!

This seems to be a regular thing with Hubitat. I thought Smartthings had regular issues which is why I began the transition to Hubitat.

But this constant dropping of devices and unresponsive devices on Alexa is really annoying on. It seems far less reliable than people make out.

I've rebooted my hub and used the app to update devices on Alexa.

They're found, in Alexa and then immediately go unresponsive. It's been like it since last night,

Mine have been fine. Very responsive.

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I'm not seeing that. What Hub and platform version do you have? I have C-7 on

Now, periodically, I do see an annoyance between Alexa and the Lutron integration (Alexa is directly integrated with the Lutron hub, which is also running the Lutron Integration on Hubitat).

Periodically, as Alexa makes some changes at their end, Alexa will not accept "Alexa, turn the Office Ceiling Fan to Low [or Medium, or Medium High, or High]", and will only accept "Alexa, turn the Office Ceiling Fan to 1 [or 2, or 3, or 4]", Not just this fan, but all Lutron fan switches attached to the Lutron Hub. Has always worked fine from the Lutron app and from Hubitat.

I just shrug my shoulders and assume that Alexa is developing dementia.

Alexa has been very responsive and reliable for me since February 2018. I have never had an issue except when my ISP is having issues.

Make sure you reserve an IP address for your Hubitat hub in your router’s DHCP server. This will make sure the connection between the Hubitat cloud server and your hub is reliable, as the Amazon Alexa Skill needs to communicate to the Hubitat hub via the Hubitat Cloud server.


The only time I seem to have problems with Alexa is when Amazon is having issues.


I have a C5 on 2.2.3.something. I haven’t went to2.2.4 yet. The only time I have issues is when my internet is flaky. Which happens at my location from time to time. Penalty one pays for living in a rural area.


I haven't had it recently but for a while I was getting an error from Alexa when trying to control a Hubitat-controlled device. I don't remember the exact response from Alexa but it may have been unresponsive/timeout. I would restart Hubitat and things were resolved.

Everything has been fine for me too for quite some time. Have you tried disabling the Hubitat Skill in the Alexa app, and then adding it back again?

The only problem I've had with Alexa is the occasional "I don't know what went wrong" response although it did what I asked. (maybe once every month or so)
BUT Alexa seems to forget my Bose speakers about once a week. (Have to use my phone Bose app like a cave man)

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