Alert to disarm

My old security system would give an alert to disarm the system when we returned and opened a monitored door. I have a Ring Keypad Gen 2. How can I get HE/HSM to do something similar?


Do you want to use the keypad AS the notification device?

That would be great if I could.

If the keypad is in sight when you open the door, you could set up an RM rule to flash the strobe on the keypad. Or I suppose the same rule could activate the siren, but that would be annoying as hell. (Perhaps set volume to 1?) It would be cool if you could get to the voice responses the keypad generates but I don't think those are exposed to the driver.

The Ring Keypad Gen 2 actually has the ability to sound 5 different 'chimes'. I've been trying to add it to the community driver but I haven't quite found the secret sauce yet. Would love for a real zwave developer to add it to the code.

That would be cool. Or maybe access to the "armed" voice? Unless that IS one of the chimes.

What trigger would I use? Intrusion or intrusion-delay? I have a 60 second delay set in HSM.

I'd use the contact sensor. With a required expression of HSM not disarmed.

The voice is pre-programmed and can't be used for anything else. The siren is actually 'sound 5'. The others are much more neutral and would be great 'for someone at the door' or 'Door has been opened' sounds (not voice).

I cannot see where/how to turn on the strobe in RM.

I just took another crack at it and I think I actually figured it out! It'll be coming soon to the community driver. :grin:

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