Alert to Disarm Prior to Intrusion?


I have my "Delay intrusion Armed-Away alerts by this many seconds" set to 45 seconds. On my traditional alarm system -> the keypad would beep indicating to disarm before the siren goes off and the monitoring company is contacted.

Do you guys have any setup like this to indicate that the system needs to be disarmed before intrusion occurs?

How can I configure this in rule machine? I am thinking about having my speakers repeat "disarm security" until security is disarmed but not sure how to configure this. Or perhaps I can have a red light turn on?

Any ideas/tips?


I have a Utilitech siren that I make "chirp" (3 sec on, 2 sec off) until the delay intrusion time is reached or the system is disarmed. I use a triggered rule for HSM Alert to set a Boolean and a rule that uses the Boolean and HSM Status to make the siren "chirp" 9 times or stop on truth change.


How do you make it chirp? I only see siren on, off, and strobe on and off.


Awesome! A screenshot of the rule machine settings would be great! Is the chirp volume adjustable? This is at an apartment complex so I don’t want it to be very loud


Do you have Google Home devices?

The issue is that you have to create two rules. One to start the action and one to stop it, since HSM won't do it for you. Here are the two Triggers that I use:


You'll notice that the first Trigger enables the PB of the second Trigger and the second trigger disables it's own PB.


Here's the triggered rule

Here's the rule - the "chirp" isn't a true chirp but you can make it what you want


Why do you have the PB as a condition in the rule?

Also, this will only stop chirping if you disarm the system. Not if you simply clear the alert. This is also a VERY unreliable method to use a siren. They are notorious for not responding to commands. So, using it like this to beep, is very VERY unwise. I would use the Beep function and repeat that every few seconds rather than use the siren function.


The PB is a condition so I can see its status when I look at the rule. Looking at the definition of a PB, I'm not using it correctly. I'm using it like a virtual true/false switch. I'm not using it to enable/disable the rule in restrictions. Seems to be working okay.

This is used to remind me or my family to disarm the system when we enter the house. I don't think I've ever just cleared an alert. I think canceling an alert will cause the triggered rule to be false and set the PB to false and cause a truth change in the rule that will stop the repeat. I'll check it out tomorrow. It will also stop after 9 repetitions so even without disarming it will stop. What beep function are you referencing? I'm not aware of a beep function for the Utilitech siren. I didn't have a keypad to beep when I made this rule and I wanted some audible indication that the alarm was set. OP asked for any setup to indicate that the system needs to be disarmed before intrusion occurs. I won't claim this is a perfect solution but this has been working well for me.


I have a dome siren and it has a simple beep or chirp command that is accessible from Rule machine directly as many sirens/keypads have that function. I wasn't aware the Linear (which is the driver the utilitech uses) doesn't have that.