Alert status Tile?

I had seen a few things mentioned about this before but none of them really made sense. I want to have a tile that shows at least that there is an alert and maybe even what kind. Yes, I know it doesn't make sense to some but it's something I desire for my setup. I played around with RM and variables and couldn't seem to pull it off cause the choices for HSM Alerts is only available in triggers.


The alert text is captured from the HSM event via a rule and could be either put in a variable or in a notification device (simple virtual device that allows text to be entered) attribute for display.


This is exactly what I was trying to pull off. Do you have an example?

SO it was a little more complicated than I remembered. I have a notification device ( that is set up as a destination in HSM to capture the message. The rule was one I converted from ST so it's in webCoRE but the idea will translate to RM fairly easy, but uses the HSM alert as the trigger, goes to the notification device and grabs the most recent, trims off the date/time and stuffs it into another device for display (probably could just tell the attribute tile to display the first message from the notification device):

It's also two tiles overlaid an attribute tile for the message and a pushbutton to allow cancelling.

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Ah ok I think I see. The device is used in place of my phone, for example, and then other stuff basically just simplifies it for easier viewing?

Bingo! :+1:

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You add the custom device in under text alerts?


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Ok now I may be hitting you up later to get the piston sorted into RM. I'm in work brain right now (currently disassembling a second gen dodge 12 valve Cummins)

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Well, I tried adding the tile to a dashboard. However, it's blank. I did make sure to go in to HSM and add it. In the dashboard I also have it as an attribute template.

Should start filling up as soon as you get an alert from HSM then.

My day suddenly went to total chaos. I will test when I get a chance tonight you have no idea how much I appreciate all the help

Chaos I understand, LOL.

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