Alarm System keypad and siren recommendations

I see many posts about alarm integration but I am still not finding what some people have done. Currently I am using AT&T Digital Life, but I am so tired of having to maintain the interface for it. They have problems at least 2 times a month and I need to re-authenticate. So I am looking at going straight hubitat for the alarm.

However, I can't find any recommendations in the forums about which keypad works with HE.
Are there any keypads that are supported by HE?

As far as sirens go for alerts, are they zwave or zigbee sirens that have been proven to work?

There is another thread that talks about keypads. I am using the Iris Keypad, it integrates well with HSM. There is also the Centralite version (same manufacturer as Iris).

As for sirens, there are a few recent topics discussing them. You might find some useful information in this one.

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