Alarm integration for UK users


Apologies if this has already been asked - I have searched but most threads are over a year old and so I was wondering if there had been any changes / updates.

I am looking at installing an alarm system. This will be a wireless system. I am wondering which system integrates with smart homes best - e.g. with hubitat. The primary function I want is arming and disarming (and therefore facilitating the use of a central control panel). Motion is not so important as I don't want to run the sensor batteries down , and I will use separate zwave / ZigBee sensors to control lights etc. I have quotes for a Risco Agility system but can't not see a working integration for this.

Any advice appreciated!

Hi - just wondering if you managed to get your Risco system working with Hubitat? My Hubitat arrives soon and I have an existing Risco alarm system. Cheers...

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