Alarm for kids leaving doors open

Now that we are in Summer and having 3 kids I don't want to consistently remind my kids to shut the sliding glass doors or front door. Are there any suggestions towards a speaker or alarm I can purchase and add to HE to remind them to close the door that I can set up if the door is left open for more than 30 seconds? Thanks!!!!!

I did setup something like this to be notified if my 2 yr old opened the front/back doors. I just used HE's notifications apps and the GH's I have scattered around the house for the speaker.

Thanks... I don't have any of the Google Home devices in fear they are listening to everything which I don't currently want. I'm sure though I have devices that do it in my house right now.... Any other suggestions for a bell alert or softer alarm? :slight_smile:

Does this work with HE and I'm curious how the different alerts could be accessed or used?

Arlo Chime - Wire-Free, Smart Home Security, Siren and Silent Mode (AC1001)

I do not believe that is supported unless there is a community driver for it.
I don't have any experience with it, but Zooz makes great products.

I personally use google chromecasts, homes, and hubs all over my house. I have 2 google mini devices (one on each floor) with the microphones turned off and volume set to 100% that I use for announcements.

The Google Home Mini has a hardware microphone on/off switch.

Then turn the microphone off using the physical switch. The speaker will still work.

Sonos (or ikea branded Sonos) speakers work great.

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