Air quality meter suggestions for wood smoke/ HRV issues

I have a wood burning neighbour ( with a low chimney) and during some low wind/ low pressure periods it seems my HRV is sucking in pure wood smoke. I was considering a large activated carbon filter on my HRV, but that comes with a fairly large cost/ complexity factor ( filter, booster fan to compensate for the restriction, fan relay integration).

Ideally if I could get an indoor air quality meter that had a particulate meter accurate enough to detect wood smoke ingress, I could integrate it with the hubitat and a ZigBee plug to just shut off the HRV during those times when the "smoke index" is high. As a bonus I could also set rules for VOC and C02 limits, to only ventilate when required. ( HRV over ventilation in Ontario winters can lower indoor humidity to uncomfortable levels).

Is anyone using and air quality meter with particulate count integrated with hubitat? Ideally I would like to avoid subscribing to IFTTT service, but I will if it is the only option for integration.


Check out PurpleAir. This thread has some details.

Thanks Curtis. Also came across the following, looks like they are Z-wave enabled:

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