After a soft reset and restore, Alexa no longer works

I had to soft reset the hub and restore from a backup )where Alexa was working). Now, Alexa can no longer control the HE devices.

Should I just run discover on Alexa or remove and add back the Alexa app in HE? Anything else?

I believe you must remove alexa and reinstall. I had a similar problem in the past.

If you go to you can bulk delete your Hubitat devices. [SmartHome: Devices: scroll to the bottom, forget all]

Then ask Alexa to discover new devices.

That may or may not be faster than removing the app.

I never really know how much others read here in the forum, but perhaps you've read that I have 3 hubs in a "coordinator" -- "upstairs" -- "downstairs" configuration. I recently had to "move" Alexa from the downstairs Hub to the 'coordinator' hub and I really dislike (fear) unlinking an account, etc. which is how/why I found the method above.

I'm not seeing the same experience.
I had to soft reset my hub a few days ago while working with support on my unresponsive hub.
I did the soft reset and restored from the latest on-hub backup.
I came across this post and tested my Alexa and Google home commands (Alexa turn off office light, Alexa, turn on off light, Ok Google turn off office light, Ok Google turn on office light). Both systems were able to turn off and on one of my lights.