Aeotec Trisensor survival story

I have an Aeotec trisensor installed in the bathroom that I use as a motion sensor to control lights. We were vacationing earlier this week and while we were gone our house sitter mentioned the sensor had fallen off the wall, where it was stuck up using mounting tape. He stuck it back on and everything was fine. The morning after we got home I noticed the sensor was missing from the wall again but thought little of it, figuring it had fallen off, gotten batted around by the cats, and would show up sooner or later.

And then the toilet backed up.

A couple hours later, toilet removed and apart, our contractor managed to extricate the sensor (and mount) from the plumbing. As soon as he got it out and dried it off, the LED started blinking yellow. After about 8 hours (I checked the logs to see when it last reported) immersed in the worst stuff one can imagine, the thing was still alive. Needless to say I did a zwave forced removal and threw the whole thing away.

The new sensor is screwed into the wall.