Aeotec trisensor driver generating error on c8

I've started noticing in the past few days many (if not all) of my aeotec trisensors are generating an error in the logs. I've been using these sensors for years - this is new behavior and it seems to correspond to Given I've finally reached some level of stability with zigbee I'm not willing to revert! The devices seem to work ok...

The TriSensors are ZWave, right? I have one, and it's not throwing errors:

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 8.57.01 AM

Mine is on a C-7 but it's running v2.3.5.121.

I should have specified - C8. And yes, z-wave.

I'll try moving mine from the C-7 to the C-8. That particular device is on the border between the two areas... it's a toss up which is the 'correct' hub to be Joined with. I think I prefer it on the C-7, obviously, but I can certainly add it to the C-8 for a few hours. How often do your errors occur?

Couple times a day. I wonder if it's related to the weird z-wave network drop-out issues I've been seeing. The times do not align but...

It's been 21 hours with a TriSensor on my C-8 and there have been zero error reports.

However, that error is a simple "miss of a Null check" with the built-in driver. We can let @bcopeland know and maybe in a future platform release, it will be turned into a more readable error. It will always be an error, since getting a null right there is invalid. What I'm saying is that he could turn it into a warning, for example.

Hey as long as it isnt related to my z-wave issues I'm not concerned

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I moved it back to my C-7 (using Replace, which worked first time, perfectly) I noticed it's on v2.16 and that Aeotec has a v2.21 available. I'll be updating mine today but maybe that's a difference too. Your's might be different from mine and you get different values in an event that I do.