Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


I get where you are coming from, and I deal with our fire marshal and fire company a lot. This has nothing to do with their system. It's basically a louder way to call my off duty staff. If we never called them, we would not be liable for anything.


That's not necessarily true. Check it out...trying to do something and failing is not the same as never having tried. At least not in the eyes of the law. I would check with your lawyer before deploying any type of automation system in a facility where you have residents that you are responsible for, especially if they are minors.


Good input!
I will get legal advice as well.
Our current method is using a phone system, which is also not a "Certified Fire System".

The idea here is wake the people up and then call them.


I know you figured it out, but if that option was added to the repeat setting options of the Chime component driver would that have made things easier for you?


Yes, but only slightly since I hadn't known about the RM repeat function.


See Authority Having Jurisdiction in your area to review it. That could be the city, county, state agency who inspects your fire alarms and safety systems or even doors and door hardware for safe egress. Start with the city fire marshal's office or county if you are outside the city.


How have you guys hooked your sirens up? Power or battery?

Iā€™m trying to decide on a location and one good location has no plug.






I would guess that @krlaframboise at least tried it on battery for a period of time, so he may have some thoughts/comments?


The internal battery lasts less than 12 hours so you have to keep it plugged in...


Power. I believe the battery is a back-up more than a permanent power solution.


Your Avatar made me laugh, I remember that Seinfeld episode.
Anyway see my earlier post. I used my existing doorbell wiring, and changed the transformer in the basement to the required voltage(5volt). Then got a compatible power jack to fit the siren and wired it the the wires inside the doorbell box, after I gutted the doorbell box to make room for the siren. Now it does triple duty instead of just "dingdong"


Anyway you could supply some pictures. This looks like something I may want to take on.

What are the standard volts/watts for doorbell transformers? (mine is difficult to get to)


I don't know what the standard is, but the ones I've seen output 15-25VAC.

(Edit - I'm talking about an old-fashioned wired doorbell with a momentary contact switch, not the Aeotec Doorbell 6).


But are you able to see the strobe/flash from the light on the device while it's inside your box? I bought an extension cable rather than trying to require something.


So, do you have yours just wired up the wall with the cable exposed?

I'd love to see pictures of your installs. I'm trying to gather an idea on placement of this and how to wire it.


Yes, obviously not as bright as if it was uncovered, but it does shine through. My wife would not be happy with another mysterious "white plastic block" , so I decided to repurpose the doorbell box.
I removed the old doorbell transformer and got a 5 volt 2amp power supply (from the as seen on TV, star shower lights) connected the 2 wires from the star shower power supply to the existing red/green doorbell wires in basement. Then in doorbell box upstairs I added the proper size connector for the aeotec, observing correct polarity.
Works great and nothing looks out of place, until the aeotec starts flashing.


You're not having any problem with the power supply? I assume the bower block is 120VAC to 5VDC. Your doorbell is going to be 16-24VAC. I wouldn't think the supply would work.


I am running the wire up along a window frame and the siren is at the top of the window.