Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here

I’ve created over a dozen rules trying different things. Yet contact sensor button it’s hit and miss. It will stutter a chime. Reviewing events will sometimes show duplicate events which yes that would be a cause for those specific times but other times only one event and it will show a couple playing events even though there was one event.

I have one simple rule.

Button press play sound 29. That’s it and it sill cause stuttering. Not all the time but 1 out of 5 times.

I wondering if I should reset the whole siren and start over again.

I’m chose unmute so it gets some type of command before I send a playsound command. It’s like its sleeping ?

I’m out of ideas.

Should add.

I went to the device chime and triggered a playsound directly and I get double triple chimes too.

Then I would reset the device and try again. If it still does that I would send it back for warranty because it shouldn't do that.

Here is the rule I use, it's my doorbel, so to make sure people with trigger happy fingers aren't rewarded I added the condition.

Okay I reset it and paired it in my garage.

It was causing triple sounds still when triggering it from the device itself.

Brought it in and now it’s workinf. I’m wondering if one of my plugs that maybe it was using may be causing an issue when it’s using it as a repeater ?

I may unplug all my zwave repeaters and repair and test again ?

Ok, so we're getting there :smile:. I have no repeaters, so I can't test that.

I have an open case with aeotec now.

Why are you choosing "play sounds" instead of "beep" (chime)? Also, do you have the sound set to repeat at all?

I’ve done both. No matter what they do the same thing.

I’ve tried several rules including some which have no repeats. As of right now the one rule has no repeats.

Even if I go to the device directly and kick off a sound it will do duplicates and such.

This is a common issue with other chimes, which I explained in detail above, but I haven't experienced it with this device and I must have played hundreds of chimes while writing the handlers so it's most likely an issue with your mesh.

Have you tried running a z-wave repair?

Yes several times.

Aeotec may be sending me out a replacement.

If you have the device joined secure, remove it, change the secure join option to locks in the z-wave settings, and add it again. If that fixes the problem then it's most likely not an issue with the device.

No secured devices.

I have 3 levington plugs, 3 outdoor plugs, and 3 contact sensors.

I’m thinking as of right now, it’s actually working since the reset. But I paired it in a different location.

Maybe it was using the outdoor plugs as a repeater causing issues ?

Is there anyway to stop this?

You can not control/change the zwave routing path.The device determines that on its own, and while it can be modified (technically, although that is not common) it is not user configurable in Hubitat.

So what if I unplug the 3 outdoor plugs, run a z-wave repair, and then plug them back in and run another z-wave repair? Would this do it?

The device decides and the algorithm is... Well, somewhat unpredictable.

I will say, though, that has a chance of working.

Mine seems to be working on a very basic level with the stock handler, but I just wanted to confirm -- like my doorbell, can I upload MP3s to trigger, or no? I know I cannot do TTS.

This device does not support uploading sounds to it. You can only use the built-in sounds.

Hello, very late to the discussion but I did receive one of these units to test. It didn't work properly with my Abode Gateway so I intend on trying it out on Hubitat when it isn't 12:48am. They recommended I use a SmarthingThings hub for testing, but I don't have one of those. I'll dig into all of your responses and see if I can figure it out. I'm very new to hubitat