Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


I got mine today too. Though I'm not experiencing that. I should test more when I have more time. Maybe tomorrow. I was wondering, did you include it secure or non secure? I included it secure. Maybe there is a difference.


Are you using yours as a chime when doors open? Also, what door contact sensors are you using?


The reliability will be a lot worse when included secure.


Klaxon is a type of electronic annunciation device. The sound associated to "Klaxon" in the device list is typically heard on military ships, submarines, etc. I used to be a submariner and it was nostalgic hearing it sound.

YF :nerd_face:


Nice explanation man.


Where have some of you guys placed your siren?


Mine is in a closet underneath my stairs to the first floor. I did at first want it in sight because of the flash light. But I have a very white minimalistic interior and unfortunately the adaptor cable which sticks out the bottom is black. That is a real esthetic flaw in my opinion.


Do you use chimes for door entries at all?


Yes at 60 volume. Is loud enough to through a wooden door. And from that closet (it's my utility closet) runs a wooden shaft vertically through my whole house (for all cables and stuff). So it kinda transports the sound throughout all floors.


One of the reasons that I bought an extension cable that is white. Completely hides it.


There is a good chance I'll be doing that to. Eventually. But for now I'm fine with the current position. :slight_smile:


As of right now, I have mine at the front foyer table hidden away. I want to find a permanent spot for it. I thought about putting it above the doorbell and running a cable down stairs but I’d have to open several holes in my drywall to do so.

I do however have a spot under the stairs I could use. I assume it would be fairly muffled in there, and to loud when I’m down there.


I hollowed out my doorbell box, used existing wiring to rig a power plug, in the proper size & voltage to power the siren. Removed doorbell transformer and replaced with DC power block


Anyway you could send a couple photos ?


@Ryan780 Did you just replace the black cord with this?


Not "replace", it is an extension cord since the cord on it is so short.


Got it. I was hoping for a solution to have a white cable instead of the black one.


So I’m still getting stuttering with this device. No matter if it’s a contact sensor or a push button etc.

So I’m trying to send an unmute sound to it first. It’s like it’s sleeping when it happens.


An unmute sound? What do you mean? There is an unmute command. But it is not a sound. Also, sending more than one sound command would result in stuttering.


I think the solution is not to make a workaround (making it more complicated) but to find out the source of your problem. I plugged mine in connected it, made a rule to play a chime on button press and it simply works perfect. Does everything work from the device page? If it does, it might be a problem with your rule or with the button.