Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


All my ideas have failed.

Do you know a means of only allowing it to execute once, say over 5 minutes or something?


Then use PB.

Trigger Contact opened.
IF PB True
    Set PB False
   set PB True with a delay of 5 seconds (no cancel)


The problem is that the events are happening too close together. Does Rule Machine support a random delay interval? If so use that before the evaluation of whether or not the contact sensor is open after the initial contact changes trigger.


Same results.


Is the battery fresh in you Ecolink? Because it really shouldn't report like that.


It’s 99 full. It’s been like this including all 3 of them since day one.

I’m told it’s the natural behaviour of these contact sensors...

I’m wondering if at this point I’ll have to look into replacements... :frowning: sucks because these have a 5 year battery life.


I don't see how when it reports everything 3 times. LOL I would think it would be a 1/3 the life of a normal sensor. What driver is the device using?


General z-wave contact sensor. According to the compatibility list that’s the driver to use.


Because this could be handled at the driver level much easier than at the app level.


I had a support request sent in a while back. March.

I was told it was a known issue....

I don’t know what to do at this point. I can’t exactly use the siren as a chime because of this.


Port the SmartThings generic contact sensor handler


If I knew how I would.


Just do a find and replace to change physicalgraph to hubitat.


That's not a bad idea at all.

Just need to find the driver... I'm googling now.... no luck so far.


So pretty brilliant, but it still throws multiple opens and closes.


Found some info on these contact sensors. Seems lots of people experience the same thing. One guy put something together to ignore if gets double messages within 500ms. See below.


The device sends 2 types of reports which is why there's a duplicate event so just comment out the createEvent line in the NotificationReport section.

If you're using the ST z-wave door window sensor handler then commenting or deleting lines 157 - 185 will solve the duplicate problem.

Notifications App is sending 3 text messages for each event
Notifications App is sending 3 text messages for each event

You are the man! It worked!!!

Thanks so much for your help man.


The problem with generic drivers is that if they comment those lines to fix the duplicate issue with Ecolink they'll end up breaking the open/close reporting for other devices that only send that type of report.



They should probably develop dedicated drivers for the Ecolink devices moving forward....