Aeotec Range Extender keeps losing routing in Z-Wave Details

I have a second hub that just has five devices on it, four iBlinds and the Aeotec Range Extender (I believe it's a "6").

The Aeotec keeps losing routing in the Z-Wave Details page, even when one of the iBlinds is routing through it and operating properly.

If I do a repair and reboot the routing comes back. Things do seem to work even when the routing isn't showing.

Anyone else seeing this behavior w/an Aeotec extender?

I don't have any of these devices, nor have I seen the routing disappear.

This sounds like a UI display bug or something? Is that what you think is going on, or do you think the routing is really going away?

Not sure...It seems more like a UI thing so far, as the blinds all keep working normally, even when one is routing through the Aeotec. But not 100% sure as when I've seen it happening I've done the repair/reboot, haven't let it sit w/the routing missing for very long.

I have 2 and they have been rock solid.

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Is your Aeotec range extender located where it has a direct line of sight with the Hubitat hub?

I have found that moving the hub and or the range extender a few feet can sometimes have a significant impact upon the connection. I have some of my range extenders plugged into extension cords so I can install them in optimal locations.

It's about two feet from the hub, going through one wall (wall board). It's on the wall in the kitchen, and the hub is sitting on a shelf in the office on the other side of the same wall. It could not be closer unless it was sitting on the hub. :slight_smile:

That's what's so odd, it's more than close enough that getting and holding routing should be a breeze. This could be just a UI issue as noted. Each time it's lost routing (three times now in the past couple of weeks), doing a repair on the Aeotec and a reboot brings back display of the routing. Simply rebooting did not bring back routing, IRRC.

Are you sure that there is nothing metal in the wall between the hub and the range extender, even though it seems to be close. HVAC ducts often run through walls and are huge impediments to signal transmission.

Also, it might be that the range extender is so close that the mesh does not think the extender is serving any useful purpose. You might try moving the extender further away.

Yeah, it's simple wallboard, and no insulation as it's interior wall. I know for sure as it was built during a previous remodel.

The "too close" idea isn't something I've thought of, but since up to two of the four iBlinds have routed through the Aeotec at one time or another, it does seem to be seen as a viable path to the HE by the iBlinds.