Aeotec Nanomote

I'm trying to use this with RM5 and not having any luck with triggers on a button release. I assume this is a driver issue rather than RM5 because if I enter the button on the device driver page to be released, the rule will fire; but after a physical button press, the release will never get updated on that driver page nor will the rule fire. Suggestions, work-arounds?

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I use the Aeotec Nanomote with the built-in app Button Controller. There is a relatively new version Button Controller 5.0. For more info see this post...Quick Question about Rules/Buttons 5.0 - #2 by bertabcd1234

I hear you, but I'd prefer to use RM. And the trigger does work - but only when I establish a release event from the driver page, if I do it with the button, only the pressed event is updated by the driver (meaning on the driver page), not when the physical button is released. BTW - the button pushed event works fine in RM and on the device page; the release works on neither. Since it doesn't work just on the device page level, doesn't that mean it's a driver issue? Regardless of what application I use?

I made simple Button Controller rule as well as the release is not picked up there either...pretty sure a driver issue??