Aeotec Nano Dimmer DTH?

I was happy to see the inclusion of the Aeotec Nano Switch DTH in the 2.0.7 firmware release.

While I have only one of those switches, it was good to see S1 and S2 configuration options available (those are pain to set for external switch operation).

Any idea when we might see the Aeotec Nano Dimmer DTH? The current Micro Dimmer DTH works fine, but it would be nice to have the S1/S2 configuration options, since I do run some external switches for 3-way locations.


I think the Nano has energy monitoring also, would be nice to have access to that.

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The new driver supports energy monitoring as well

Yup, which is awesome..... any plans to make the dimmer version of that driver?

yeah, not sure when, maybe 2.0.8

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Duel Nano switch would be nice as well :wink:

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