Aeotec Multisensor 6


I am using an Iris Zigbee contact:


The strips are ridiculously overpriced, and I cannot risk it not getting signal on a metal mailbox for that price, I have one of your $19 (on sale right now) motion sensors with vibration coming to try, also have a usb battery pack coming so it can be a repeater......don't worry "indoor only" means it needs to magnetically be mounted "under" the mailbox.

Zigbee is out of the question for me, not enough distance and can't add repeaters to the neighbors house.


Not to mention that the description for the strips says in all caps "DO NOT USE ON METAL SURFACES"


But this is true for most wireless devices, metal boxes generally diminish (or totally cancels) the functionality of the radio.

So I would say that don't put z-wave units in a metal box unless you can wire the antenna outside of the box


I've found this to be the case, every device I tried (inside) lost signal, hence why I had the previous contact sensor mounted on the outside of the box.

I'm going to try using the zooz magnetic mounted motion sensor under the box (should be here today) to try as my replacement.

I was wondering if anyone had tried this one inside because of the 300ft distance the company claims it to have (therefore assuming it has a much better radio)


Thinking outside the box, have you considered changing to a plastic mail box?


Nah, the box is good, and I had the contact sensor working for over a year....If I can't get something better I'll just go back with what worked. It was a thought, until not only the time removing/installing but re-lettering and numbering.....I'd rather not unless forced to.


How about just removing a rectangle of the back wall / bottom floor / side wall and gluing in a piece of plexiglass/acrylic, painted to match?


LOL.....Anytime you hear "outside of the box"......YOUR ears always perk up :joy: You loved the show MacGyver eh?

@csteele Side note in a few days (when I finally get a working hub again) I'm going to need your help with the "outside of the box" on redesigning my 3 hub setup (your knowledge needed) to show me a way to make my "devices" easier to transfer from one hub to the next.


BlockquoteLOL.....Anytime you hear "outside of the box"......YOUR ears always perk up :joy: You loved the show MacGyver eh?

Nah, I just like puns.


Bit of a problem with humidity offset



I sure don't see any place in the code where that message exists.

From here, it looks UI related. I'll ask....


Line 114, you've set the range: "-10..10"

if (settingEnable) input "humidOffset", "number", title: "Humidity Offset/Adjustment -50 to +50 in percent?", range: "-10..10", description: "
If your humidity is inaccurate this will offset/adjust it by this percent.
", defaultValue: 0, required: false, displayDuringSetup: true


I'll be damned. :frowning:


Import URL:


I'm getting this:

2019-07-04 11:58:38.372 am errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_driver_cSteele_AeotecMultiSensor6_321.updatecheck() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] Possible solutions: updateCheck(), updated() on line 715 (updated)

It appears to be a casing mistake.

def version(){
    schedule("0 0 8 ? * FRI *", updatecheck)

def updateCheck()


I'll be double damned :grimacing:


Import URL:

I replaced updateCheck() with the asynchttp version and all of it's newness goodness. :smiley:


On the device I'm clicking Save Preferences and it's not updating the driver version from 1.6.4 to 1.6.7... ??


I just upgraded to v1.13 of the firmware and now it's running on current.


@csteele wanted to confirm something... I have a zstick arriving tomorrow. To upgrade my 2 multisensors I just need to pair the zstick to my HE hub and then I can upgrade without unpairing the multisensors? They are both in the ceiling and are a pain to pull out to exclude and re-include so hoping to avoid that yet easily upgrade the firmware. Your driver has been giving me errors of an old firmware that I am trying to correct.


The errors are 'colorful' -- meaning they annoy but aren't exactly a problem. You're missing out on features, such as LED on/off, but not catastrophic :slight_smile:

Yes, to 'pair the zstick' but I'm afraid you will need to pull them down to click them and then power cycle to the new firmware. You don't have to Exclude them (and therefore no Include after.)