Aeotec Multisensor 6 - which driver

I'd like the driver that supports v1.15 and the most options, along with being able to tweak a parameter that sets something that will improve reporting time (I think).

(Currently I use Room Lighting with motion, but i find that when the rule to switch off kicks in, one can wave in front of the sensor and motion doesn't seem to retrigger quickly).

I've got about 10 of these on USB power. Most connect directly @ 100kbps.


  • There's seems to be an in-built one. (By Hubitat?)
  • csteele's one
  • HPM says one by Sebastian Fernandez, but HPM shows corrupted html (so go to git directly)

Which driver do people recommend?


I vote for csteele's :slight_smile:

but more seriously.. I'd use the built in unless you need the granular features offered with 'mine.' Many don't.


Just a remark:
I now use your AeotecMultiSensor6_v2.0.2 driver (for firmware > 1.10) for my old device with firmware 1.06. I appreciate the options of this driver. It works well. Thank you!
My Changes to debug the frequent temperature reporting:
Default for tempChangeAmount: 2 -> 20
Set some configurationValue's as integer:
Para 41: tempChangeAmount as int, tempScaleByte as int
Para 64: tempScaleByte as int
Para 201: tempScaleByte as int

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