Aeotec Multisensor 6 Logging

@mike.maxwell. I am using two Aeotec Multisensor 6 and they working well with the Aeon Multisensor 6 driver. Would it be possible to get access to lower the amount of reporting it does. I am probably in a very enviable spot in that nearly 80% of my logging comes from this driver. They keep firing out data every minute.

I agree that It would be nice to have the parameter settings directly in the driver.

For now I used the basic z-wave tool to set the parameters for reporting

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Can you point me to the posting or share how and what settings you changes?

@csteele has an excellent community driver for these here:


I agree though it would be great if the standard driver had more configuration settings in it. I always prefer to use standard drivers if possible but the one linked to above really does have a lot more flexibility.

It has been in use for quite a while so it is pretty robust and I use it on all 9 of my Multisensor6's with no problem.

You can always just use the community driver for the first day, then switch back to the built in--- just don't press config in the builtin, it MAY overwrite what you configured in the community driver.

When I load the community driver and then hit config, I get the following error:

That said, I set the reporting for 24 hours, saved the Preferences and then switched back to the built in driver (and didn't hit configure). That seems to have fixed the reporting. Thank you!

UPDATE: It may be an issue with the firmware. The driver is expected v1.10 and I have v1.08. I commented that specific line out for the LED as it has no impact on me and now I'm using the community driver.

I have 12 of those Multisensor 6's and they all use that community driver....


I switched one to use the built in...


and then back to community driver again... then clicked config.


dev:284 2019-06-07 10:34:17.534 am info MultiSensor6G (frontWalkway) is configuring its settings

is the only log entry.

Edit: Ok, I understand about the version. Thanks.

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You've probably solved it with the community drivers.

But here is the list of parameters you can alter with the basic z-wave tool :

Does anyone have any thoughts on what good 'defaults' should be for the community driver to set?
I know use cases vary, but for a generic multi-sensor where my primary needs are knowing the temperature (curiosity, not automated anything), wanting to know if humidity is above 50 and light based motion detection, I honestly have no idea what I should set these two.

My main purpose for the community driver was to reduce the reporting from what seems like every 30seconds by default (maybe it's a minute) to 5min.

Curious on what people smarter than me have landed on?