Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch - Official integration request

This device is unique in that it is rated to such a high level. I used "Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15 for Heavy Duty Appliances" but quickly found out it wasn't rated for the start up of my air compressor. Silly me only considered the operating values.

Anyway community drivers exist but they aren't working great and require tricks and work around to use. For example google won't recognize it. I need to use a virtual switch connected to the Aeotec instead.

Thank you!


Have you tried the built in driver “Zooz Power Switch” ?

I haven't tried it but the zooz driver doesn't have internal temperature monitoring.

Where did you get, internal temperature monitoring?

From their support docs: CLICK HERE

With the community driver, I get the internal temperature and no F option though. aeotec

IAW the manual it does not report internal temperature.

He’s talking about the aeotec device. The manual you provided is for a zooz device. That said, I’ve had no issues with the community driver. What tricks and workarounds are you referring to? I have two of these devices and the driver has worked fine for me.

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Sorry about the confusion.

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I can't get Google to control the switch. It was very odd. Google recognized the switch but would not allow turning off or on of the switch. I use a virtual switch that is connected to the Aeotec.

I also can't get F reporting and only C.

Hubitat does an amazing job with their official drivers hence the request. If someone wanted to optimize the community apps, I wouldn't be opposed.

I'm using this driver [RELEASE] Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch
It works perfectly as far as I can tell.
I have no issues using the switch with google home.

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But most of their built in drivers just support essential functionality. If they add a built in driver it’s likely it wouldn’t even have internal temperature reporting (I know of no built in drivers with this functionality). Also, that sounds like a bug in either Google or the GH integration, not the driver.

Just a feature request and I'd like to see it supported. That is all.

Sure, just saying you should do more home work on your GH issue. Your feature request won’t likely help with that. It doesn’t sound like a driver issue.

I've had to abandon using this switch and my Dryer is Done rule. It spews out so much info that can't be controlled and it drags down my hub. I have tried both community drivers. I'd love a driver that only reported power. I have removed this, reset it repaired it several times. Einstein was correct about insanity. I guess the good news is that I am moving and the dryer will be within earshot of the kitchen and master bedroom. As a switch it does work with the generic z-wave switch driver without corrupting the entire Hubitat ecosystem.

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