Aeotec Extender


Just installed this morning an Aeotec Extender. It paired right away. I ran a zwave repair. Device shows up but when looking at device it has no status and unlike the Dome extender this doesn't show how I can turn it on or off. It has been 6 hrs. Is this normal? I have 6 devices and 2 extenders on the mesh.


Which driver did it select? You can change it to Generic Zwave Repeater and it will show you a refresh button and the state “powerSource: mains”

But there is really nothing to do with it. You can leave it as Device and it will be just fine


Why would you turn it on or off? You would want the extender on all the time in order to have a healthy mesh network. What other functions were you hoping would be available for the device?


When I had installed a Dome extender after repair I looked at device and it said off so I hit the on button and it switched on. I thought the same for Aeotec since I didn't see a status. I changed to Generic extender and now it says Main. I guess its working?


The on/off functionality of the Dome Range Extender is for the LED.

The repeating functionality of that device and the Aeotec Range Extender is always on.