Aeotec Dual Nano Switch and Alexa


Really hit a wall with this. Finally got my aeotec dual nano switch up and running thanks to a custom code. However, Alexa doesn't recognise each individual switch and will turn on BOTH the switches as a result. The only way I can turn them on individually is through the hubitat dashboard. Any ideas?


If you are using a custom driver then you will probably need a little custom app to address the second switch.
Do they appear as separate in Rule Machine?


Can you make two virtual switches here? Then link those to Alexa.


That's why I asked about Rule Machine
if it can see it then you could tie the switches to virtuals


There is a "hubitat duel relay driver" on the community somewhere you also install the child drivers and it creates the parent and 2 child relays. That's what I use. It says by hubitat but not sure why it's not part of the firmware? @mike.maxwell is it your driver?


Nope, I don't publish community code, it all makes it's way to the hub at some point.


Isn't 'basic z-wave tool" yours :smile:.

Any chance of a official z-wave dual relay driver then please?


Yes, what I meant was that Hubitat doesn't publish complete code samples in the forum, nor under any Hubitat employee github or other non Hubitat owned repos...


I have a fibaro sitting in the lab that just pisses me off, we also have the quibino line in progress, no eta on these yet.


Thanks for all the assistance guys . Been super busy atm but when I get the chance, will look at some of the good ideas you guys have provided me with.


You don't happen to have an Aeotec Dual Nano switch with power monitoring sitting in your lab as well just about to get an official driver? :wink: