Aeotec Doorbell 6 - AU/NZ frequency

For anyone who is looking for Aeotec Doorbell 6 with AU/NZ frequency, you can buy it from Active Automation NZ.

After checking with different retailers in Aussie and NZ, the only place I found the Doorbell 6 was at Active Automation. In fact, Aeotec themselves don't have the AU/NZ frequecy Doorbell 6 listed on their site. So I was bit surprised to see it in stock with a third-party retailer.

Anyways, I ordered one and they shipped it out the same day. Can confirm it works perfectly fine with the AU/NZ z-wave. Have added it to the hub. Just have to figure out some automation rules to trigger mobile notifications. I'll do that over the weekend.

Had a good experience with them, so thought of sharing it with my fellow AU/NZ hubitat owners who are looking for Aeotec products.


weird, says out of stock on their site now.

I guess... may be I was the lucky last one to get it. Email them and check it they planning to restock it anytime soon.

They are pretty quick to reply back.


Excellent find. Been waiting on this device to become available to us.
Pity it needs a separate power pack. Looks like I'll be hot glueing the main siren part to a plugpack (wallwart) so that I can have a single "plug in" solution.

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Yup... I had to install it near a vacant power socket. The siren is freaking loud for my two level house. I had to set the volume to 50%.

The only thing I can't figure out is how to trigger notifications to mobile. I tried setting to trigger upon switch status change, play-mode change, doorbell button pushed, but nothing seems to trigger the notification.

I'll play around with the 'notifications' app and the rule machine tomorrow to see what I was doing wrong.

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since I didnt find one of these I just have a ST button make a TTS call to my Sonos to let me know someones at the door when they press the button. I have it set to different volumes based on time of day too.

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I've been wanting to get the Aeotec Siren and it looks like this site stocks them but only ships to New Zealand and Chile. Strange that no other retailer stocks them locally in Australia.

As far as I know Aeotec never bulk manufactured 'Doorbell 6' with AU/NZ frequency (or may be they discontinued manufacturing it after a limited supply). This retailer had to place special order with Aeotec and went out of his way to regularly follow up with Aeotec to get hold of some Doorbell 6 (specifically with AU z-wave frequency).

I guess I was one of the lucky last ones to buy one of these. Since then, it's been out of stock with Active Automation NZ.

Doorbell 6 is just a combination of 'Siren 6 + Doorbell Button'. The button and siren talk to each other on a completely different wireless frequency (not z-wave). I think they both device communicate with each other on 433 MHz (not sure though).

My recommendation would be to check with Aeotec support team to see if you can buy just the 'Doorbell button' (model #: ZW166) directly through them. If they agree to send you one, then you can simply purchase Aeotec Siren 6 through one of the local retailers. Once you have both the devices, you can easily pair them with the below user guide.

You can also pair the button/s through the hubitat driver for Doorbell 6. I haven't personally tried pairing buttons through Hubitat page, but there is a feature to do it for sure.

Of course you can get a different z-wave button and trigger the siren 6 using the 'Notification' app or rule machine in hubitat. But the aeotec button is IP55 rated. Hence i went for it so that I don't have to worry about the button being destroyed by the frequent rain here.

I hope this helps.

Boa tarde.... sou do Brasil.... Alguem sabe onde consigo comprar essa campanhia,,,
pois revirei a internet inteira e nĂŁo acho na frequĂȘncai 921,42mhz

I haven't seen any other threads in Portuguese, but I believe there are some Brazilian users in the community.


OlĂĄ @cleiton.e.c.soares!

Vou responder sua pergunta tanto em PortuguĂȘs quanto em InglĂȘs, caso mais alguĂ©m se interesse pelo assunto.

VocĂȘ tĂȘm outros dispositivos Z-Wave na sua casa? Qual a frequĂȘncia deles?

I'm gonna answer your question both in Portuguese as in English, in case somebody else wants to follow the subject.

Do you have any other Z-Wave devices at your home? Which frequency do they work?