Aeotec Door/Window Sensor

I'm trying to add an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor (2nd Edition) to my Hubitat (hardware version C-5). Is this sensor compatible with my Hubitat? I haven't had any luck adding it. When I try to add it it finds it...and then gets stuck and times out. I've tried holding the sensor within 5 ft of the Hubitat in case it was an interference issue but I've had the same results each time. After this happens I have to do a factory reset on the sensor before I can try again. Any advice would be appreciated.

#1) You need to check your Z-wave details page for "ghosts", as you're likely creating them with the failed connection attempts.

#2) Do an EXclusion first before trying another inclusion.

  1. Looking at my Settings-> Z-wave Details page I don't see anything out of the ordinary. What would a "ghost" look like? I only see my other named devices.

  2. I've tried the Exclusion first. But that has always timed out. Is there another way I should be attempting to exclude the device? I've also tried a factory reset of the sensor and then a repair of the Z-wave network just to see if that would make a difference, but no luck.

Can you post a screenshot of your Z-Wave details page?

Typically, a ghost will have a “Discover” button on the C7 hub.

Yes, but the OP has a C-5:

A C-5 can have ghosts, too, but I don’t believe they can be seen without a Z-Wave USB stick and PC Controller.

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Right! I totally missed that. That’s what happens when trying to multi-task!

I have one of these and it took me about 45 minutes to pair it correctly. It failed multiple times. I just kept making sure there was no ghost/incomplete device left behind and tried again. Eventually it worked. It has been working perfectly since I finally got it setup.

I paired it just inside the house but it lives a few feet outside the front door in the mailbox. My only complaint is batteries only last about 6 months. Being outside with a weak signal and big temperature changes probably has some impact on battery life.

I've tried two of these, on both a Hubitat Elevation and another z-wave hub from a different mfr that I used in the past. Never could get them to pair. I use Aeotec repeaters and they work great, but I've had no luck with their door/window sensors.

Is there any way to remove "ghosts" with a C-5 Hubitat natively? Or have I messed up my Z-wave mesh and now need to buy a Z-Wave USB stick to repair it?

No. Yes.



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On the C5 If it doesn't have any in: out: nodes, it's usually a ghost...

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Could you elaborate? Where would I look at the in: out: nodes? Is that viewable in the Hubitat?

Settings, z-wave details

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