Aeotec Door / Window Sensor Gen5 with Tamper Sensor, Z-Wave Plus

I am trying to move from SmartThings to Hubitat C7. I have added one of the above z-wave devices but only recognises it as a Generic Z-Wave device and does not update when the sensor is open or closed. It have 5 of the devices and they are not that old (2018). Given the relatively simple role of these devices can anyone help to get them working. I tried changing to the Aeotec Version 7 device from the drop down list but that did not help. I'm a newbie with Hubitat but had Smartthings for a couple of years now.

I don’t think your going to like hearing this but I believe there is something being worked on for the next platform release of HE to do with Aeotec devices not operating nicely with C7 hubs.
Due to recent platform changes there have been several posts relating Aeotec devices either not pairing, not reporting or reporting error messages in the logs.
I’m now seeing error messages with my SmartSwitch6’s on my C4 hub. :slightly_frowning_face:
Luckily they still function but these issues have been raised to the HE guys.
Just wondering, Did you pair your devices without security, as S0 ?
That might help get them at least reporting for you.

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I don’t think they have any barcodes on them so I would not have used security- assuming the barcode scanning is the requirement for that.

As my ST hub is still working I can wait - I had seen so many videos on YouTube which hyped up how good the Hubitat hub was it was a little disappointing to fall at the first hurdle.

Any idea when the next release is due?



Yes, poor timing for sure.
The HE team never provide release dates but they have indicated it’s currently in testing and shouldn’t be too far off and will be released when it’s released.

Just moved from ST to Hubitat and I "unfortunately" have a boat load of the Aeotec Gen5 Door/Windows sensors installed in my home. Really hope this gets worked out as I'd hate to drop the cash to replace them all. If anyone needs a tester let me know.

If you’ve got your hub on the latest release firmware ( no reason not to be, now ) I’d be testing one of your sensors right away.
That way you’ll know :+1:t3::laughing:

Looks like my Aeotec range extenders are the very old DSD37-ZWUS that use the Series 300 chip. I am having nothing but problems with these as my Hubitat can't even find these when they're only 20 feet away through a sheetrock wall. Wonder if anyone else has had this problem with the C7. Going to upgrade range extenders to see if this resolves my issues. Odd though as these were working with SmartThings and my older VeraLite hub.

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I'm using a C7 with the latest firmware and they still don't appear to work.

Same for me. I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and upgrade these to something newer and Hubitat supported. Progress does come at a cost I guess :man_shrugging:

My contact sensors just started working for me. Not sure if it was the latest firmware update or the installation of a new Aoetec Range Extender 7 but they are all working fine now.

Good to hear your sensors are working now.

I experienced the same thing, now I have new AEOTEC door sensor 7s, LOL. Glad to hear people are getting their sensors usable again.

Spoke too soon. They are intermittently working. Looks like cyber monday is a shopping day for new sensors.

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