Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6

Hi all.

I've got a Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 6 fitted on my front door, which is a rechargeable device.

It works fine as a Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor, but with that driver is doesn't report battery levels, which means I don't get any notifications when it's getting low on battery/needs recharging.

Anyone aware of a driver for Hubitat that would allow the battery level to be logged correctly, as currently it's always annoyingly 100%!



Hi @garethjeanne. I am using the Aeon Recessed Door Sensor driver for my Aeotec door/window sensor 6s and it reports the battery level properly.

Ah ok cool, do you know where you got the driver from, doesn't seem to be a built in driver for it, so want to make sure I get the correct version . . .


Sorry! I am using this one: Aeon Recessed Door sensor

Amazing that seems to have worked, thanks!

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