Aeotec 7 recessed sensors

In February I purchased 5 Aeotec 7 recessed door sensors. 5 I used the generic Zwave driver in hubitat which are still working as they should. 2 I used the Aeotec door/window sensor 7 series driver and they are pretty much bricked neither will respond the past few months. Anyway to bring those 2 back to life? I tried switching those to the generic Zwave but they don't respond.

li'l more info, please. :slight_smile:

C-5?? C-7?

Does the button inside the sensor make the LED blink?

Might try a factory reset on the device.

A C-7 would allow a REPLACE... which is where I was going with my question. But certainly an Exclude Include would get to the same place. :slight_smile:

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Ensure you’ve got GOOD strong batteries in them !
Maybe swap with known working ones.

Thanks guys. Finally had time to work on this again. Ended up replacing the 2 sensors. Tried reseting and new batteries.

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