Aeotec 6 bulbs no longer connecting after upgrade

Hello, I have a new C8 hub which I upgraded last night to . Unfortunately, all my Aeotec LED 6 multi-colour bulbs have stopped responding. Everything else is sort of working…

Anyone else experienced this?

Have you tried resetting and re pairing the bulbs?

I’d really rather not. They were all working fine up until the upgrade. There are about 12 of them, some in quite inaccessible spots. It’s not a small job.

True but you need to diagnose. That starts with resetting and repairing a non responding bulb...

OK. So I've done this with one of them. I had to force remove, because it didn't detect the exclusion signal.

I then did a full re-set and got the red-white flash indicating this was successful.
I ran the inclusion routine again.
Bulb was not detected, and the inclusion failed (giving the red-white flash sequence indicating a failed inclusion).

I tried the above sequence of events twice... Still no joy.

It is likely that something else in your environment has changed. There have been no changes to the driver, or to the Z-Wave firmware for that matter, in the latest release that may have affected your bulbs. However, if you'd like to rule out that the update is the problem, you can always revert to previous version from the Diagnostic Tool. If reverting the update doesn't resolve the problem, the issue with your bulbs is local, and will require further investigation of local environmental factors.

Can you post your z-wave details page?

Not sure what that could be other than the upgrade. And given that all were working fine until last night just prior to the upgrade... But anywho... Here you go.

Ok you have 3 ghosts in there likely prohibiting inclusion (symtomatic of ghosts). I would get rid of them, shut down the hub and unplug for a couple of mins and power back up then try to reinclude.

FYI. I have tried doing refresh/repair on the non-responding ones. Nothing changes.

You need to remove the ghosts though.

On it.

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Well that seems to have worked well. Removed the ghosts. Stopped the hub / re-started and did a z-wave repair. All the Device Class settings seem to have returned. The only one I had to re-add was the first one I took out for testing purposes. Since I had done a replace device with a virtual device temporarily, I didn't lose any of my entries in RM. The test bulb re-added without drama.

So good call, the ghosts appear to have been the root cause of it all. Weird though, that it should show up at that precise moment...

Anyhow thanks for your help in getting it sorted. Happy Easter!

Well new chipset database I would assume... Glad they didn't give you a problem removing to the point you needed a z-wave stick.

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I have one to hand…

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